Prenuptial Agreements

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Prenuptial Agreements may seem taboo or have a negative connotation associated with them; however, these Agreements can be extremely useful.  Often, our potential clients want a prenuptial agreement for their second marriage if the first one ended in an ugly divorce, and they want to reduce their potential exposure in court if they find themselves going through another divorce.  

Other times, our clients are successful and wealthy and simply want to protect their assets that they have worked hard to accumulate prior to their marriage.  

Let the family law attorneys at Robison Smith Law discuss all the options available to you in drafting your prenuptial agreement.  This does not have to be a difficult process, and we will listen to your wants and needs while drafting your prenuptial agreement.   A prenuptial agreement can provide clarity and peace of mind to you and your future spouse regarding your respective assets, business entities, or future spousal support claims.

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