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Maybe you’ve never had a will, because you don’t think you need one.  Maybe you need a new will due to your recent divorce, your move from another state, or the length of time since you last discussed your estate planning with an attorney.  Regardless of your situation, you should meet with one of the attorneys at Robison Smith Law to review your estate planning.  Set up your consultation with Robison Smith Law today.  Our attorneys can assist you with your:

  • Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Living Will

You will is such an important document, as this document will determine how your assets are distributed upon your death.  You also have the ability to set up guardianship provisions for your minor children, and you can set up a testamentary trust to ensure that your minor children are financially taken care of after your death. 

A Power of Attorney appoints someone to handle your financial affairs if you are unable to do so yourself.  You should be very careful who you give this authority to, because the Power of Attorney can be used immediately after execution.  Being appointed a Power of Attorney is a big financial responsibility, and the person you select should be prudent with your financial affairs and have your best interests at heart.

A Health Care Power of Attorney appoints a person to made medical decisions on your behalf in situations where you cannot speak for yourself.  If you are unconscious, then this person will have the authority to speak directly to your doctors and make health care decisions on your behalf.  Your life will literally be in the hands of your Health Care Power of Attorney.

A Living Will or Declaration of Desire for a Natural Death allows you to make end of life decisions according to your own wishes.  If you have a strong desire not to be hooked up to life support or be provided with nutrition through feeding tubes, then you should go ahead and lay out your decisions, so that your loved ones do not have to make those difficult decisions on your behalf. 

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